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Bokenskolan is a small upper secondary school known for a comfortable and open relationship between students and teachers. We have a high ambition concerning the use of IT in teaching and the computer availability for the students is very good . We also work intensely to further increase the opportunity for the students to have influence on their studies and working environment. Positive student evaluations and the fact that very few students leave school without complete leaving certificates are results of the purposeful student welfare.

Bokenskolan works closely with Samernas Utbildningscenter (adult Sami education). Today Bokenskolan has a total of app. 180 students. They are divided on 9 programs. There are 30 teachers working in the organization, including non-permanent teachers.

The local management consists of a headmaster and three unit leaders who together form the leading group of the school. The total budget for Bokenskolan is app. 19 million SKr.


  • The only education center with Hydroelectric Power Science Programme in Sweden
  • Social Science Programme with concentration on Sami- language and culture
  • Housing is offered to traveling students at a small cost

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Storgatan 57, 962 31 Jokkmokk, Sweden

+46-971-172 30 (Expedition)

+46-971-552 15